The Latest Krays arrive in Athens

Recently, a strange event popped up in the timelines of the many escapers located in Athens. A company that few have heard of in the past will be running a very remarkable and unique game. Let’s see what this is all about:

The mysterious event

Think you have what it takes to catch a killer? Now is your chance to put your detective skills to the test.

CluedUpp is the award-winning British detective game that’s just like a giant, outdoor version of the board game Cluedo – and it’s happening in Athens on October 26th 2019

Set in 1960’s London, your team of detectives will be tasked with solving the double murder of the notorious “Kray Brothers”. Will you be able to solve the clues, unlock the drama and crack the case in time?

The Details

What: A giant detective adventure played all across the city!
Where: Historic Centre, Athens
When: October 26th 2019
Start Time: Between 10:00 and 13:00 – Finish before 17:00
Cost: From 40 euros per team of up to six adults
Game Title: The Latest Krays

To play, you’ll need:

– A team of detectives (up to 6 players per team)
– Access to a Smartphone (Android or iOS compatible)
– A great team name
– Awesome murder mystery fancy dress (dressing up is optional but good fun!)

Prizes Awarded To:

– Fastest team
– Best fancy dress (murder mystery theme)
– Best team picture
– Best team name
– Best little detective (kids prize)
– Best K-9 detective (dogs prize)

CluedUpp mysteries unfold virtually, via our award-winning app and the game is entirely self-guided on the day. Over 100 detective teams are expected to take part. Can you beat the competition and solve the crime first?

P.S. You only need to purchase 1 ticket per team of 6 adults. Children under 16 can play as extra for FREE. Please note that the game is not designed to be played or solved by children on their own.

Tickets now available:

Right from the start, you get the feeling that this will be entirely different from what we have experienced in the past. For one, this is the first event that is simultaneously kids and dog-friendly, it is even featuring two separate awards for these respective categories.

But who are these guys? How come no one has heard of them before and, most importantly, can they deliver what they promise? 

Meet the masterminds

It turns out that this isn’t their first rodeo. According to the company’s website, “CluedUpp Games is an award-winning British games studio that specializes in creating unique, outdoor adventure games.” And they do it a lot. They run plenty of events of the same type each week, and they do it all over the world. In fact, at the same time and date with our game, there will be several more taking place in other countries:

Screenshot (61).png

How do they do it?

There is a significant factor here that separates this game from all the other outdoor games we had in Athens so far, that is easy to overlook. The entire game is digital; it will be accessible through an app – this is why the company’s name is CluedUpp, with double “p.” There will be no physical presence of the company in Athens whatsoever!


The app is available for both iOs & Android devices. Each team will be able to choose their own starting time, between 10.00 and 13.00, and move at their own pace. Every group of players will need to discover and visit several places on interest. When they are in the appropriate vicinity, they will be able to interview a virtual suspect through the app, taking statements and comparing notes, Cluedo style. The entire game will be in English.

Note that this is NOT a puzzle game, in the sense that you will not face a series of puzzles that each leads you to the next, but rather with a Whodunnit mystery, in which the only thing you will need to solve will be the case itself. Or at least that is the feeling we get from watching this video:

This approach is vastly different from what we have seen so far, and it’s definitely a step towards a fresh, new direction.

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